Beta Evolution 1.0.9b Thursday June 17, 2010

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Beta Evolution 1.0.9b Thursday June 17, 2010

Post  Alkenchurch on Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:15 pm

The next update is almost here, and at about 4.00 PM EST we will go live with EpicDuel Beta 1.0.9b!

Name Change!!!
A popular request since the beginning of EpicDuel, we are finally offering character name change! The NPCs offering this feature include M4tr1x, Xraal, Junker 2.0 and Selina. Remember, any name you choose, including your original, will be reserved for YOU, so nobody else can ever take them!

New Achievements!
For purchasing a new identity, players will be rewarded with the Master of Disguise achievement, worth 1450 rating points! Also, in honor of the World Cup, we are also offering, for a limited time, a World Cup achievement worth 1500 rating points. This can be collected from any Achievement vendor across Delta V!

New Battle Screens!
Some of the most commonly seen graphics in the game, and also some of the oldest, the battle backgrounds have received an overhaul. We have also added three new backgrounds based on familiar locations around Delta V.

Due to popular demand, we are extending the Marauder Bike promotion for another week! If you didn't already know, you will receive this bike as a FREE GIFT for purchasing varium in EpicDuel! Players who purchase ANY AMOUNT of varium from the time of the update to the end of the promotion will receive this terrifyingly awesome vehicle for free! This is also the first bike to have SIX customizable colors! That's more than most armors!

*It will also be available for purchase from the Overlord Guard for a limited time. Better hurry, because once the promotion is over, the bike will be gone forever!

We understand that these updates have been pretty Varium heavy, but don't worry free players -- We have big plans for future updates to include some credit-only armors, weapons, and even bots! Maybe we'll even throw something special and powerful into the arcade for those completely strapped for credits. Anything can happen!

Bug Fixes!
FIXED - Double debuffs.
FIXED - Hacking rating stars.
FIXED - Defeat screen at battle start

Features coming over in the next several weeks:
• Customizable weapon enhancements
• Social Network integration (Share your accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter!)
• Completely customizable player housing
• New Battle Modes including 2vs1 Boss Battles, and Survival mode!
• Tournaments for rare prizes
• Gamma Phase!
• And much, much more!

Thank You,
Alkenchurch Inc.


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