Epic Preview 4th of July and EpicDuel Gamma!

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Epic Preview 4th of July and EpicDuel Gamma!

Post  Alkenchurch on Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:47 pm

Prepare yourselves for the biggest EpicDuel event since Beta Evolution!


The time has come Epic Duelists, to finally emerge from the rumpled husk of Beta into the shining future of Gamma. What does Gamma mean? Typically, in game development, Beta is the phase just before the final, commercial release. Since online games like ours do not follow that same schedule, we created the "Gamma" phase to simply mean a more advanced phase of development. The game will be more stable, fun, and feature-complete than at start Beta. Those of you who joined us during Beta Evolution know what I'm talking about. Those of you who remember Alpha know better still.

Here is a tentative list of features for the Gamma Release!
• Naval Yard Opening!
• Gamma Bot!
• Gamma Bike!
• Gamma Achievement!
• Beta Weapons will be enhanced once they go RARE!
• Beta Achievement goes RARE and receives a rating point value!
• Insane new armors!
• New styles!
• MORE...

But wait... Before we dive right into Gamma, we have a least one more big release planned!

Independence Day Release on July 2!
Around this time every year, the citizens of Delta V commemorate the rebellion against Magistrate Baelius, and they're doing so by offering some killer new Holiday Rares!


• New Rare Weapons!
• New Styles!
• New Rare Achievement!
• Convert Beta Weapons to match your new class!
• Context sensitive battle screens!
• MORE...

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
• Reduce Captcha frequency
• Improved language filter
• Fixed bug that leaves leftover foreground objects and NPCs
• Character head no longer blocks chatlog text
• Spacebar can no longer open color palettes in customizer and creator
• Fixed bug that allowed you to challenge players with no gear on
• Fixed bug that allowed player to exceed their max inventory

In between duels you may want to open up a new browser tab and head on over to our friendly neighbors in Lore to check out their latest release:

AQ Worlds Live Event 8pm EST/5pm PST!!!
AdventureQuest Worlds

We're constantly amazed by how BIG their releases are, and their live events are always especially crazy. If you've never been to one, I recommend you take this rare opportunity today to jam some cool music and slay some chaos beasts. At the lab, these events typically involve a lot of pizza, pop, and serious insanity until the late evening hours. Check out the AQW Design Notes for full details on this exciting event!

Thank You,
Alkenchurch Inc.


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