Gamma Evolution 1.1.0 - Coming Soon!

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Gamma Evolution 1.1.0 - Coming Soon!

Post  Alkenchurch on Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:47 am

Prepare yourselves for the biggest EpicDuel event since Beta Evolution!


The time has come Epic Duelists, to finally emerge from the rumpled husk of Beta into the shining future of Gamma. What does Gamma mean? Typically, in game development, Beta is the phase just before the final, commercial release. Since online games like ours do not follow that same schedule, we created the "Gamma" phase to simply mean a more advanced phase of development. The game will be more stable, fun, and feature-complete than at the start of Beta. Those of you who joined us during Beta Evolution know what I'm talking about. Those of you who remember Alpha know better still.

I have some good news and bad new. The bad news is that Gamma will be delayed once again *groans*. Yes, I know, this is highly disappointing, but it stems from the good news. We just released a patch that will fix most, if not all of the problems caused by the recent FlashPlayer update, in addition to providing an overall animation performance boost the game has needed since, well, forever. However, after some serious discussion, Titan and I decided that to release Gamma after such a major change would be extremely risky, thus we have decided to postpone Gamma just a bit longer to properly monitory the serves and make sure no new problems arise. We don't want major bugs interrupting huge features like item enhancements, so this is just one of those necessary sacrifices. We will not be posting another release date until we're absolutely, 110% sure that we're ready.

Another piece of good news is that we will be posting a preview video soon to showcase some of the slick new Gamma features you can look forward to. I know delays are never fun, but it puts that much more pressure on Gamma to make it the biggest and best release yet! Thanks again for your patience!

Pics and video coming soon!

Here is a tentative list of features for the Gamma Release!*
• Address Flash Player related bugs (faster battles!)
• Naval Yard Opening!
• Gamma Bot!
• Gamma Bike!
• Gamma Achievement!
• Level cap increase!
• Beta Weapons will be enhanced once they go RARE!
• Beta Achievement goes RARE and receives a rating point value!
• Customizable weapon enhancements (FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!)
• Insane new armors (courtesy of BigTuna)!
• Retrain revamp
• New NPC Valerie
• New house!
• New styles!
• MORE...

*List may change as release date gets closer

Gamma should be a point in EpicDuel's development where things get REALLY interesting. We've managed to introduce most of the features we wanted/promised at the dawn of Beta Evolution, and now is the time to do the really crazy stuff. What surprises does Gamma hold? Anything can happen!

Thank You,
Alkenchurch Inc.


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