Gamma Evolution 1.1.1 - Friday October 8, 2010

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Gamma Evolution 1.1.1 - Friday October 8, 2010

Post  Alkenchurch on Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:50 pm

The next update is coming soon! Join us later today for EpicDuel Gamma 1.1.1!

Housing Items Are Here!

If you didn't have enough reason to purchase a house before, you do now! Players now have access to an awesome assortment of items to customize the look of their personal dwellings! All items in this release will be credit-only! Plus, we have been discussing a home decorating contest after more items are released, with the winners receiving amazing prizes (that we haven't decided on yet!). Watch the General Discussion for an official announcement.

*Wall items will be introduced time-permitting

Balance Improvements

Due to popular player demand, we've modified the Agility table to take effect at a higher Health tiers than before. Here are the revised numbers:

New Features!

• Customizable housing items! If you don't have a house, you're missing out!
• Settings such as quality and sound effects are now saved when you log out!
• Dragon items go RARE until the next DragonCon!


Admin Kick Errors 100, 101 and 115 now fixed!

• Skill rollovers now support three digit numbers
• Fix for unusual matches (lvl 20 vs 32)
• Revamped house screens
• Most recently added armors adjusted to be more proportional

Features coming over in the next several weeks:

New house that can be won in the arcade!

New NPCs!

• Awesome new achievement system!
• New Battle Modes including 2vs1 Boss Battles, and Survival mode!
• Advanced Faction Wars!
• Tournaments for rare prizes
• And much, much more!

Thank You,
Alkenchurch Inc.


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