Gamma Evolution 1.1.1b - Friday October 22, 2010

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Gamma Evolution 1.1.1b - Friday October 22, 2010

Post  Alkenchurch on Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:38 am

Gamma Evolution 1.1.1b is here!

Around this time every year, the citizens of Delta V celebrate a time a year on the old Earth when vegetables were carved into faces, and children dressed like goblins and ghouls. Candy was also involved. Since Delta V is a tough planet facing tough times, the current traditional celebration involves the creation of brutally devastating weapons and an escalation of the ongoing war between the fearsome Legion and the noble Exiles. Join us as we work toward building the excitement and reward to the Faction Wars with what is essentially part 2 of our 3 part Hallow-Moglo-Spookytimeween celebration!

New Features!

• 3 New spooky styles for each class
• 4 New guns
• 4 New Faction Leaderboards: All-time 1v1, 2v2, World Domination and Flag Captures
• Bug fixes
• If a player wins an Arcade jackpot, but already owns the item, they receive 10k credits!
• Hoverbike sellback
• Basic weapon sell back starting at level 15! Get rid of those pesky starter weapons after a Class Change
• More arcade pods will be distributed around the map

Balance Adjustments!

• BASE crit % reduced from 4% to 2% chance
• Crit Max % reduced from 15% to 13%
• Each increased Crit % requires 1 additional point of Support (increased to 7 up from 6)

These numbers are not set in stone, so let us know if you feel they should be adjusted!

Bug Fixes!

• Fixing an issue that can cause players to match into unfair battles
• Improvements to home items, making items easier to click and move, possibly allow for horizontal •flipping of home items

In case you were unaware, we've still got these!
Bring the Pain with the NEW RARE Ghoul Cannon and Spectral Blaster!

Further details to be announced soon.

Thank You,
Alkenchurch Inc.


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