Global announcement: DO NOT REPLY TO SPAM BOTS

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Global announcement: DO NOT REPLY TO SPAM BOTS

Post  Alkenchurch on Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:18 pm

Do not reply to spambots.

If your unsure about what a spambot is, it is posters who post mostly pointless topics but spam links to other websites to try and get some advertisement. Whatever you do, do not click on the links no matter what as you might get a virus or harm your computer

If you do see a spambot, please don't reply to it. All this does is bump the topic up to the top of the list where more people are likely to see it and get fooled by it. At any circumstance DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. Here is basically what a spam bot would post:

[Hi im Bob Mackenzie, As you know our Pharmacy, Mackenzie Pharmacy, Has been increasing and getting lots of population through the years.

We sell lots of medicines and that stuff like Panadol, Claratyne and those things..]

Usually, SpamBots would post links, PLEASE, NEVER CLICK THEM!

And thats some parts of a Spambot I just made a little thing to show you what a Spambot is.

Some information is credited to Infern0.
Compiled and made by Wolverine Assassin.


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