Gamma Evolution 1.1.0c - Wednesday September 8, 2010

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Gamma Evolution 1.1.0c - Wednesday September 8, 2010

Post  Alkenchurch on Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:43 pm

The next update is almost here, and today we will go live with EpicDuel Gamma 1.1.0c!

DragonCon and Back-to-School!

It's that time of year again--Time for many students to return to their institutions of learning, and also time for that mythical event known as DragonCon. As our first DragonCon, Titan and I were completely blown away by the scale of the convention. Interacting with players IRL, meeting celebrities and artists, and generally having fun time at the con inspired us to create a set of elite Dragon Weapons to commemorate the experience. This set of powerful weapons also comes with a Dragon Master achievement, attainable by purchasing any of the Dragon Weapons.

We have also introduced a few school supply-themed items: The Graphite Gun, Backpackzooka, and Experiment 2B. Why bash someone over the head with a giant pencil? Because you can!

All of these exciting, powerful rares will be available from Titan in Central Station. His existing supply of weapons has be relocated to Workerbot X9, just outside of Fortune City.

Remember, the Gamma Bot and Gamma Bike are still available, so grab them while you can!

New Features!

• New powerful dragon-inspired weapons!
• New Dragon Master achievement available for purchasing any Dragon weapon (including Magma Maul)!
• New school supply-themed weapons!
• The "What's New" section automatically opens with each new release to keep you informed of the latest features and updates.

Gameplay Improvements!

• To combat dummying, you may only challenge a specific character 10 times per day
• Bot base damaged increased, while scale factor with focus decreased by one point per point of focus

Bug Fixes!

• FIXED - Gamma Bot bug that could cause HP to display incorrectly
• FIXED - Multiple causes of unexpected disconnects
• FIXED - Mutliple causes of 0 health and "zombie" bugs
• FIXED - Duplicate PM bug
• FIXED - Many more battle exploits fixed!

Features coming over in the next several weeks:

• Awesome new achievement system!
• New Battle Modes including 2vs1 Boss Battles, and Survival mode!
• Advanced Faction Wars!
• Customizable housing!
• Tournaments for rare prizes
• And much, much more!

Thank You,
Alkenchurch Inc.


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