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Gamma Evolution 1.1.1c

Post  Alkenchurch on Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:48 am

Gamma Evolution 1.1.1c is coming soon! Check out this list of new features as development progresses!

As part 3 of our 3 part Hallow-Moglo-Spookyween release, we are excited to introduce a killer new feature we hope will add some intensity to the EpicDuel: Daily Faction Wars! Players will see a running count of the total victories for both alignments at the top of the game window. All factions participating in the war for the winning alignment will receive a victory for the day. Victories will be associated with new Faction ranks, allowing active Factions to "level up".

Come on Legion! Are you going to let the Exiles beat you that easily?!

We've also got a few other surprises in store for you!

New Features!
• New armors based on in-game NPCs!
• New Daily Faction War!
• New Faction Ranks!

Faction War Adjustments!
• 500 Battle Token donation button
• World Domination Achievements are only awardeded to members of the highest influence faction
• Daily Faction Influence tax now based on outcome of Daily Faction War
• Change the flag tax to 50 Battle Tokens for the top spot only!

Faction Improvements!
• Activity tracking now tells members when others last logged in
• Active founders may "step down" buy promoting an officer to founder status*
• If a player leaves on their own, the faction is no longer penalized for the departure
• 50% discount in penalty if booting an inactive player

Bug Fixes!
• Credits now update correctly when purchasing through the in-game payment module.

In case you were unaware, we've still got these!
Bring the Pain with the NEW RARE Ghoul Cannon and Spectral Blaster!

*We didn't get the founder step-down option out for this release, but it's still planned for 1.1.1d.

Thank You,
Alkenchurch Inc.


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