Gamma 1.1.0 Sneak Peak!

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Gamma 1.1.0 Sneak Peak!

Post  Alkenchurch on Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:21 pm

Hey guys!

Development is nearly finished for EpicDuel Gamma! I just posted a third preview video that showcases the new Item Enhancements feature that we've discussed for soooo long now. The official release date and time has been set for Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at noon ET. We're scheduling this time so that players can watch these videos and have a final chance to take advantage of the Beta weapon offer.

Watch the Gamma Preview Videos here.

Here's an abbreviated feature list for Gamma (we'll post the full list with the release on Wednesday):-
- New Gamma Achievement added to achievement shops
- Level Cap raises to 32
- Beta Weapon auto-converter (if you changed class prior to the Beta Weapons converting)
- Item enhancements (customizable weapons)
- Introduce new Gamma Bot and Gamma Bike
- Beta Achievement goes rare!
- New FaceBook and Twitter integrated viral features!
- Independence Day Achievement goes rare!
- World Cup achievement goes rare!
- 3 New Hair Styles for all classes / genders (18 new styles)
- Several new Armor sets
- Musical weapons will go live
- Increased overall server response time
- Loads of bug fixes

Plus, everyone has something else to look forward to in this release:
Elites and Founders > Achievement ratings will improve by 500 points each
Beta Participants > Beta Weapons will improve dramatically (watch the videos for more details)
Free Players > New Armor sets, plus the existing Assault Bot will be added as a rare prize in Valestras arcade.

Thank You,
Alkenchurch Inc.


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